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A-SCAN Laboratories provides unmatched quality and flexibility for non-destructive testing training.
Current Schedule

Wide range of NAS-410 and SNT-TC-1A classes

Training at your facility or ours

Flexible class size

Flexible scheduling

Large Comfortable Air Conditioned Class Rooms

Special arrangements available for weekend and evening classes

Specialized classes can be developed to meet your training needs



Custom classes available on request.

Introduction to NDT - Covers the fundamentals of nondestructive testing methods including Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Radiography, Ultrasonics and advanced test methods.

Eddy Current I - Introduction to electromagnetic theory, instrumentation, probes, reference standards, defect detection, impedance plane, conductivity and surface flaw inspection.

Eddy Current II - Advanced eddy current concepts, frequency selection, second layer cracks, corrosion detection, eddy current C-scan, test setup, evaluation and quality control

Eddy Current Level III Preparation for Eddy Current Level III method examination.

Eddy Current Inspection of Aircraft - Presents eddy current techniques required for inspection of aircraft including cracks, fastener hole inspection, subsurface cracks, corrosion and defect evaluation.

Eddy Current Conductivity Inspection - Introduction to eddy current conductivity inspection of aluminum alloys. The class will cover basic theory, practical application and demonstrations.

Hardness Inspection - Introduction to hardness testing theory, equipment, specifications, and the Rockwell, Rockwell superficial and Brinell hardness tests.

Magnetic Particle Inspection I Introduction to magnetic particle testing covering basic principles, test equipment, inspection applications and discontinuity evaluation

Magnetic Particle Inspection II Advanced magnetic particle theory, test equipment, magnetization methods, inspection applications, discontinuity evaluation and quality control.

Magnetic Particle Level III Preparation for magnetic particle Level III method examination.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection I Introduction to penetrant inspection theory, equipment, methods, inspection applications and evaluation of results.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection II Advanced penetrant inspection theory, equipment, inspection applications and evaluation of results and quality control.

Liquid Penetrant Level III Preparation for liquid penetrant Level III method examination.

Radiography Level I - Introduction to Radiography, basic principles, X-rays, gamma rays, equipment, film, processing, radiation safety, defect detection, evaluation.

Radiography Level II Gamma radiography, film radiography, real-time radiography, film interpretation, material processing, quality control, codes, standards, specifications.

Radiography Level III Preparation for radiography Level III method examination.

Ultrasonic Level I - Introduction to Ultrasonics, basic principles, instrumentation, probes, reference standards, test methods, defect detection, evaluation, thickness measurement.

Ultrasonic Level II - Covers advanced ultrasonic theory, contact testing, A-scan, B-scan, shear wave, longitudinal wave and test interpretation.

Ultrasonic Level II-C- Covers C-scan, F-scan, Immersion testing, Squirter / Bubbler systems, computer based ultrasonics, and test interpretation.

Ultrasonic Level III Preparation for Ultrasonic Level III method examination.

Ultrasonic Inspection of Composites - Covers aircraft composite structures (honeycomb, laminate, adhesive bonded, co-cured), instruments, transducers, defect detection and evaluation and reference standards.

Level III Basic Preparation for Level III Basic examination.



A-SCAN Laboratories offers a full range of qualification services for your business.


NDT Level III Services

A-SCAN Laboratories can provide expert Level III assistance with your companies NDT procedures.


NDT Inspection Services

A-SCAN Laboratories offers the highest level of experience and service for your NDT inspection needs. A-SCAN is the solution when you need:


Research and Development




ASNT Level III Certification #46670


20 years of Nondestructive Testing experience with areas of specialization in eddy current, ultrsonic inspection of composites and advanced materials. Work experience includes all aspects of NDT, including inspection, research and development, procedure development, training and certification. Some specifics include:


ASNT Level III #46670 Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Radiography


Masters of Business Administration; Pepperdine University, 1996
Bachelors of Science; University of Pittsburgh, 1978


American Society of Non Destructive Testing

ASTM Committee E07


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"Introduction to Ultrasonic Inspection of Composites" MDC Class, August 1997

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"NDE of Composite Using Ultrasonic Back Scattering," Y. Bar-Cohen, M. R. Collingwood, and A. K. Mal, Sixth, NASA Workshop, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, May 23-26, 1989.

"Nondestructive Characterization of Defects using Computerized Ultrasonic Systems", Y. Bar-Cohen, and M. R. Collingwood, ASNT Spring Conference, Phoenix, AZ., April 6-9 1987, also MDC paper No. 7787 (1987).


Contact us at:

A-SCAN Laboratories, Inc.
24426 S. Main Street, Suite 703
Carson, CA 90745

Fax: (310) 872-5477
Phone: (310) 834-9100

E-mail: a-scanlabs@a-scanlabs.com



A-Scan Labs offers state of the art ultrasonic inspection capability specializing in the inspection of composite materials, contact, immersion, through transmission, resonance.


Ultrasonic Immersion / Through transmission system 24 Long x 6 wide x 30 deep Two search tubes.

Winspect data acquisition






Andrex CMA25

250 KV

10 mA



Constant Potential








Constant Potential








Liquid Penetrant

Type I

Methods A, B, C & D


Magnetic Particle

5,000 Amps FWDC

48 Head

15 Coil